Opinion: Why it is time to watch the LCS

Jacob Ruffo is a junior journalism major and columnist for The Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected]

Jacob Ruffo

Football is over, baseball hasn’t started and on the day after the NBA All-Star game, every team has the day off. Monday is the perfect day to start watching the League Championship Series.

The LCS is the professional forum for League of Legends, and it’s absolutely awesome.

From the presentation to the way the league is set up and the actual games, it’s worth watching. The Casters do a good job of integrating newer fans without insulting the intelligence of fans who watch every week. They explain aspects of the game, both simple and intricate, without taking from the action or being boring. They also get genuinely excited during times where the game is exciting. Their energy can be felt through the screen, and the job they do keeping spectators involved cannot be overlooked.

The way the LCS works over a season is basic except for one detail: There are 10 teams that do two games a week over nine weeks. In the summer split, the team with the best record goes straight to the World Championships. The top of the table isn’t where it is interesting, however; it’s at the bottom of the table that makes the LCS great. The 10th team is automatically demoted to challenger, which is basically the minor league. The best challenger team replaces them in the LCS. The eighth and ninth team have a chance to fight for their LCS lives against the second and third best challenger teams, respectively. There are very few league systems where this could ever work, but the LCS is one of them. They do it very, very well.

The North American LCS also has the distinct feeling that, no matter whom you are watching, every team seems incredibly hungry to prove themselves. They want to prove themselves to their opponents, to the fans and to the whole world. The North American LCS has never won a world championship. The best teams from last year all underwent roster changes, and most teams all have similar records so far this spring split. So this is one of the few times where it really feels like just about every team in the league can beat every other. Unlike the NFL, it actually has parity.

If you’re bored Monday because of the unfortunate lack of major sports, head on over and watch the LCS. Or even the European LCS, or the LCK, the Korean counterpart. Getting over the “watching guys play video games on the Internet” stigma can be tough, but I did it and I am not looking back. It isn’t hard to find interesting games to watch; you just have to know where to look.