KIC hosts donation drive for Akron refugees

Charleah Trombitas

Kent Interhall Council is holding an ongoing donation drive for the International Institution of Akron.

The Council is looking for students to donate as many items as possible. Items accepted include steel-toe boots, shoes, paper, books, school supplies and lightly used clothing. Monetary donations are also accepted.

The International Institution of Akron is an organization founded in 1916 to help new Americans, which are mostly refugees, in Akron, Ohio become acquainted to their new community and home.

“Our mission is to contribute to the well-being of our community by creating and implementing programs and services that assist those born outside the United States to integrate into American society,” according to “We work to promote public awareness of the value of ethnic diversity and to encourage international communication.”

Keondra Wright, freshman theatre studies major, wants students to realize how a simple donation can make a huge difference in people’s lives.

“Imagine that it’s the first day of school and you don’t have anything or know anyone,” Wright said. “You might not even know the language. People can use our help, especially refugees.”

Giving to those less fortunate is so important, Wright added.  

“I’m giving everything I can because I’ve been blessed and helped in my life,” Wright said. “I hope I can help give that to another person.”

Donations will be accepted at weekly hall council meetings in each of the residence halls on campus or donations can be taken to the KIC office located in the Tri-Towers Rotunda.

For more information on KIC and the current donations drive, visit:

Charleah Trombitas is an activities reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].