Ohio liquor sales soar in 2015

Alexis Amato

The state of Ohio brought in just over $1 billion in liquor sales for the year 2015, which is $70 million more than the year prior, according to Cincinnati.com. This boost in sales is good news for Ohio business, now that the state has issued double the number of alcohol manufacturing licenses it issued five years ago.

Heavy drinking has been on the rise in Portage county for the past four years. While Ohio’s liquor sales could be good for business, it could spell trouble for Kent State. Eighty percent of all college students in America drink alcohol. Of that 80 percent, half binge drink, according to 12 Keys Rehab. Binge drinking equates to about five alcoholic beverages in a short amount of time for men and at least four for women, which can lead to very serious health and academic problems.

Scott Dotterer, the coordinator in the Office of Health Promotion at Kent State, does not condone underage drinking, but understands the importance of reducing the likelihood of alcohol-related harm.

“I think it is very important to create a greater sense of awareness on the importance of making healthy and safe choices when it comes to consumption,” Dotterer said. “It should always be understood that it’s always okay to refuse a drink, but it’s never okay to pressure someone else into drinking.”

Kent State’s University Health Services hosts a National Alcohol Screening Day every April as a way to educate the Kent State community about alcohol use disorders and related health issues. The event is open to all students, faculty, and staff, and gives an opportunity to become more aware of the help sources on campus.

Alexis Amato is a Business and Neighborhoods Reporter for the Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].