One-car accident stops traffic on East Main Street in Kent

Car rolls over on East Main

Vivian Feke and Dana Miller

Traffic stopped along East Main Street around 9 a.m. after a black Hyundai hatchback rolled over on its side. 

Kent police officer, John Gormsen, said the driver of the car, Rachel Hardy, a Kent State student, made a left hand-turn off of Sherman Street onto East Main Street to go eastbound.

Gormsen said when Hardy went to make the left turn, she turned too close to the center concrete median barrier and struck the front, left side of the car. 

Hardy drove up onto the angled barrier, which resulted in the car to roll over and land on its side on East Main Street, said Gormsen.

Gormsen confirmed Hardy was not distracted by a cell phone or radio when turning. 

No injuries resulted nor were any other cars involved.

Hardy’s car was towed from the scene and Kent Police reopened the street shortly after. 

Vivian Feke is a reporter for TV2. Contact her at [email protected]. 

Dana Miller is an assigning editor for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected]