President Beverly Warren makes a statement about the reopening of LaunchNET at Kent State on Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016 in the Student Center. 

Payton Moore

From students complaining about harsh professors, to sharing selfies, President Beverly Warren’s Twitter account sees a lot of action. Every day students, professors and parents tweet at Warren seeking a response, a retweet or affirmative action. So on Wednesday, when the president’s account registered as “suspended,” where did Kent State students go? To Twitter, of course.

Theories about why the president’s Twitter account was suspended developed. On Tuesday, Kent State’s main campus canceled classes before 10 a.m. However, the rest of the school day stayed in session.

According to junior chemistry major Jonathan Markle, the lack of a snow day sent Kent State’s Twitter users into a flurry. Markle overheard students saying they purposely reported Warren’s Twitter account to get her suspended.

“I actually wanted to have class yesterday because I had an afternoon lab,” Markle said. “Labs aren’t fun to reschedule.”

Markle said if the rumor were true, he wouldn’t be upset over Warren’s Twitter handle disappearance.

“People will voice frustrations regardless of what she does,” Markle said. “She has a tough job, and I respect her for doing it.”

Eric Mansfield, university spokesperson for Kent State, said a malfunction from Twitter may be the reason behind why her account has been suspended.

According to Twitter guidelines, accounts are suspended for posting spam, being hacked or tweeting abusive or threatening things. In order for accounts to be un-suspended, a user must provide security details or file an appeal. Some accounts can be suspended indefinitely.

**As of 9:00 p.m., President Warren’s Twitter account had been reactivated. 

Payton Moore is a senior reporter for the Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].