Julio Pino addresses alleged ISIS ties

Photo courtesy of Facebook

Alyssa Schmitt

After reports arose of an FBI investigation occurring earlier this week, associate history professor Julio Pino is continuing his lectures at Kent State University.

Pino gave a statement during a press conference after his senior seminar in Oscar Ritchie Hall Thursday to address his alleged involvement with the Islamic State.

Julio Pino press conference – Jan. 21, 2016 from KentWired.com on Vimeo.

I know there’s been a great deal of controversy and discussion in the past few days about some allegations that have been made about me. I want to say everyone who I’ve spoken to, I have spoken to honestly and truthfully. I wish to state for the record that none of these allegations have any foundation whatsoever. I have no ties to any politics of Islam, the Islamic State or any other political organization here in the United States or abroad. I have never discussed the politics of Islam, the Islamic State or any other political organization with the students, with the faculty or with anyone else on campus,” Pino said. “I do not endorse violence. I do not advocate violence nor do I practice it and I always try to fulfill my duties, which are to my family, to this community, to this university and obviously to my students. And I shall do so for as long as I’m able to.”

Pino also denied claims that he sympathizes or recruits for ISIS. When asked about his social media posts, he said they were free to people’s interpretation.

“Social media is a form of entertainment and that’s how I take those posts,” Pino said.