Kent State fraternity house vandalized


Sigma Chi chapter president, Jimmy Gross, talks to Fox 8 news after a vandalism incident which occurred early Monday morning. Tues. Jan, 19, 2016.

Ian Flickinger & Stephen Means

The brothers of a Kent State fraternity returned home Sunday night to find their Main Street house vandalized.

An unknown intruder broke into a basement window and spray painted the “n-word” on the wall of the basement and sexually oriented graffiti on the outside of the Kent State chapter of Sigma Chi.

“We didn’t have classes so people were just kind of hanging out,” Sigma Chi president Jimmy Gross said. “When some of us came back home from a friends house around 2:30 a.m., we noticed some words written on the wall and a window was broken out so we went down stairs to investigate.”

They found a multitude of racial slurs on the walls inside the house along with a drawing of male genitalia on the outside wall.

According to Gross, the fraternity members were up until 6 a.m. painting over the vandalism and cleaning up the broken glass from the window. 

“This is our home,” Gross said. “The 60 members we have say it’s a safe place for them. When something like that happens to their safe place it hurts me, it hurts all of us and it hurts all of Kent State Greek Community.”

The chapter filed a police report. Police had no comment on the incident.