Newsletter: You’ll never guess what happened

KentWired Editorial

Rhymes with crisis

The FBI paid Kent State a visit to continue its ongoing investigation of Julio Pino, a Kent State associate history professor, for his alleged involvement with a little thing called ISIS. He’s the one who yelled “Death to Israel” during a pro-Israeli speech and resigned from the editorial board of an academic journal after calling his fellow editors “Yankee stooges and frightened flinching pussycats.” 

We made a timeline for you of Pino’s newsworthy statements over the years:

Home improvement

The brothers of Sigma Chi returned to their Main Street house Sunday night and found evidence of a break in and a not-so-wanted paint job. Think male genitalia and a word your mother told you never to say. The chapter filed a police report, but officials have not yet found a responsible party.

Traffic headaches

As per usual, workers and flaggers will be present in their fashionable orange vests between South Lincoln Street and College Street as they finalize utility construction for phase one of the Summit Street Improvement Project. Forgot the end goal? Click here to refresh.

Fast Facts

AAUP-KSU emailed details of a fact-finding report on Tuesday to its members outlining the mediation with the university on salary and medical benefits.