More power to acceptance and education

Last week, the Kent Stater published an article, entitled “Kent gets kinky,” which focused on K.I.N.K. Kent State, a registered club at the university. The group discusses BDSM and alternative lifestyles, with discussion focusing more on safety and education about said topics.

The club provides a community for those already involved in the lifestyle – for a variety of different reasons – or those who are just curious. We believe if you have the drive to form a club about something you’re passionate about, more power to you.

In a way this raises the question: how are modern views on sexuality changing? In a broader sense, what about alternative lifestyles? As we’ve seen in the article, K.I.N.K. isn’t just about sex.

Really, this tells us that people are becoming more comfortable in their own skin, and are not only forming and joining a group that discusses something they enjoy or are curious about, but also serves as an educational tool to make sure that anyone who is curious in actually participating in BDSM on their own time, does it safely and securely.

Overall, we think it’s important that clubs like these exist, in order to provide a supportive community for those interested in exploring and discussing a lifestyle not normally looked at.