Newsletter: Monday Blues

KentWired Editorial

We’re doing asbestos we can

With the recent building renovations happening on campus, members of the Kent State community are worried about coming into contact with a little thing called asbestos (it has a history of causing lung cancer and mesothelioma). But the Director of Environmental Health and Safety ensures that all the buildings are being managed and there is no risk of exposure.  Remember kids, don’t eat the paint chips. 

Hackathons in style

Fashionistas and tech lovers came together over the weekend to create new pieces of wearable technology in the Fashion/Tech Hackathon. Inventions were bouncing off the walls with some including a smart mirror that allows consumers to virtually try on pieces of clothing from various stores and a watch for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Swing State

The presidential candidates are keeping their eyes on Ohio now that election season has officially started. But a few things had to be settled in Ohio first (hint: the mishandling of over 800 absentee ballots).