KSU Undergraduate Student Government Holds First Meeting of Semester


USG Senators take a vote on an student’s individual conference request during a meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2016. Students and organizations can submit requests to the USG Allocations Committee for funding to attend conferences.

Anthony Calvaruso

Kent State USG called for professors to have student accessibility to syllabi before each new semester. The meeting, the first of the semester, was held on January 27th in the Governance Chambers. As usual the group did a roll call and began the meeting. With no old business to attend to, the meeting was comprised entirely of new business.

The resolution presented by Brian Cannon, Executive Director, dealt with making syllabi available for undergraduates when registering for classes. Ohio State’s student government recently submitted a similar resolution which brought the idea to Brian’s attention. 

“It says that students should be able to receive their syllabus prior to scheduling, so they know what’s happening, the text books they need, course requirements, the difficulty of it and assignments,” said Cannon. 

Another resolution presented by Samuel Graska, Senator for Commuter and Off Campus, dealt with the second level computer lounge in the Student Center.  After much conversation and controversy caused by other tentative university plans for the lab, the bill was tabled.

Once more research is conducted it may be rewritten and reintroduced at a future date. 

“The resolution tonight was to be a preventative action for future renovation with the second level computer lounge. It would turn that computer lounge into a secondary commuter lounge, it would be open for all students, however, it would be suited with certain amenities that are necessary for a lot of commuter students,” said Graska. 

USG’s next meeting will be held February 10. All meetings are open to the public. *Check to Verify*