New Women’s and Gender Study Abroad Opportunity


A view of the Charles Bridge from the Vltava River in Prague. 

Jesse Gettemy

Editor’s Note: The following is a press release from Antioch University about its Comparative Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe program.

Antioch University’s Comparative Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe (WGSE) program is currently accepting applications for fall 2016. If passionate about women’s studies, gender or sexuality issues, students should take advantage of the opportunity and apply as soon as possible. The WGSE program is a full-semester, undergraduate program in WGS and successful participants earn 16 credit hours in Women’s and Gender Studies.

The WGSE program participants study feminist and queer theory, feminist methodology and European-situated feminisms while traveling to Berlin, Germany; Prague, Czech Republic; Krakow, Poland; Utrecht, Netherlands and Istanbul, Turkey (depending on its current political situation). Additionally, each student develops and carries out a self-designed independent research project on a topic of their choice (such as LGBTQ issues, reproductive rights, queer youth support organizations, feminist/queer art and immigration issues).

Participating in the program also gives students an opportunity to attend lectures and take seminars with prominent feminist and queer scholars and activists. Included are: Rosi Braidotti, a continental feminist philosopher from Utrecht; Laura Merritt, a sex-worker activist from Berlin; Julia Ehrt a member of the European Transgender Council; Rebecca Gomperts, founder of Women on Waves from Amsterdam; Dagmar Schultz, German director of “Audre Lorde: The Berlin Years,” and many others. The program is considered an opportunity to establish contacts with WGS students and feminist and queer activists from all over Europe.

Applications are due by March 30.

If you are interested in the WGSE program, contact Iveta Jusová, director of the WGSE program at ij[email protected], or visit for more information.