Kent State students return to campus with new tech

We live in a digital age. Everything from smartphones to PlayStations are rapidly revamped. Kent State students returned from winter break with a variety of new gadgets.

Alexis Scranton, a sophomore visual communication design major, received a Wacom Intuos Pro to create more professional artwork for her major classes. The Wacom Intuos Pro is a pen tablet that combines Wacom’s finest pen capabilities with a multi-touch screen, according to

“You have the pro series, which is more appropriate to use in college, since you can do more things with it,” Scranton said. “It has better pressure sensitivity, and it’s all around better.”

Anthony Milano, a senior communication studies major, got a new iPod touch for Christmas. Milano said he is excited to have music to listen to during his daily commute across campus.

Sophomore Alana Calhoun, a sophomore early childhood education student, received a silver, 38 mm Apple Watch, which she uses for the convenience and health factor of the watch.

“All of your text messages or calls come through on it. You can go through Twitter and Instagram on it, too,” Calhoun said. “It tracks your steps and how many calories you burn. Every day you are supposed to stand for 12 hours, and it tells you at 10 till every hour if you haven’t stood for a while, and that you should get up and move around, which I really like. So if you are sitting around and doing nothing, it reminds you to get up and be active.”

There were more than just Apple products and tablets delivered to boys and girls at Kent State this past Christmas, though.

“I got a wireless headset for my PS4,” said Jonathan Benson, a sophomore exploratory major.

Benson said he was happy to receive his new wireless headphones to get in to gaming mode after a long day of class.

Bre Cooper, a junior fashion merchandising student, received a Fitbit Charge HR in black. The device tracks your steps, distance, calories burned and heart rate, according to

“Since having it, I have walked more than (before). I took it off one day because I was being lazy,” Cooper said.

What kinds of gadgets did you get this year?

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