Modista fashion group presents ‘School dayz’

Felicia Guadagni

Fifteen student designers had their high school inspired collections on display during Modista Fashion Group’s annual fashion show Saturday night.

The show, titled “Modista High: School Dayz,” took place in the Kent State University Ballroom from 7-9 p.m. in front of a full crowd.

Alyse Rohloff, public relations director for the show, said she was impressed by the audience attendance and said she hoped the audience appreciated and enjoyed the show.

“I think it went really well and I am happy with the audience turnout,” said Rohloff.

Student models, adorned in the designer’s collections, entered onto the ballroom’s stage to pose as a full collection and then individually walked through rows of audience members for an up-close experience. Collections from local vendors Tre Sorelle Boutique in Cleveland, Einstein’s Attic and One Love Yoga in Kent were also featured during the show.

“I’m happy to see the hard work of the designers and models come together,” said Rohloff. “The models have put in a lot of work too. They’ve been here since 10 a.m. today!”

Kristen Faber and Alexa Jamieson, senior fashion design students and designers of the collection “XOXO”, said they enjoyed preparing for the show, which was the first show they’ve done.  

“I am so impressed by the designs,” said Jamieson. “We’ve only seen pieces of each collection before this, so seeing it altogether is really cool.”

The show was unique in the age range of designers featured. Kat Huber, freshman fashion design student, designed the collection “A Different Angle”. While she said she was nervous throughout the show, she emphasized how excited she was for the experience to be a part of a fashion show.

“This is such a cool experience,” said Huber. “The annual fashion show in the spring doesn’t accept freshman designers, so having this opportunity has been really great.”

Felicia Guadagni is the fashion reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected]