College Towers apartments reports bed bugs

Brenna Parker

College Towers confirmed that residents within the complex have reported cases of bed bugs.

College Towers assistant regional manager Alexandria Patterson said the reports of bed bugs within the apartments have or are currently being treated. 

“As with most apartment complexes in the area we have reports of bed bugs,” Patterson said. “With any report we receive we have the tenant fill out a survey and an inspection is scheduled. If any issue is found a treatment plan is put in place.”

Patterson said College Towers has 457 apartments with less than 10 percent with a reported bed bug problem. If residents do find a bed bug in their apartment, College Towers will tell the resident to purchase a mattress pad cover and fill out a survey with information.

“We have had great success keeping the bed bug issue under control at College Towers,” Patterson said. “We are thankful to our tenants for being mindful and doing their part to help keep this issue out of the buildings.”

Patrick Wang, an international hospitality management major from China, said he did not know what a bed bug was prior to coming to America. In October, Wang woke up in the middle of the night and found multiple large, itchy bite marks all over his neck.

“I thought it was mosquitoes because the weather was still kinda warm,” Wang said. “I did not pay too much attention to it, until I got bitten for a second time in that week.”

Wang said his roommate also experienced similar bite marks all over his body and contacted College Towers management.

“I talked to the office about it and they gave me a form to fill out saying the health department will come within the next week,” Wang said. “I got another bite while waiting for the bug person to come.”

Wang said his room was sprayed down, but found bite marks a week after officials came.

“I could not bear it anymore, so I bought a bug killer online and I have not had any bites since,” Wang said.

Since the incident, Wang said the health department came back to wrap up his mattress and box spring with bug-prevention spray. He has not been bitten by another bed bug.

Patterson said College Towers housing contracts state the complex will not notify other apartments if bed bugs are found in a resident’s apartment. College Towers can act as a licensed exterminator and can run an inspection for an in-house treatment.

“Every complex handles it differently, but we have not had any issues,” Patterson said. “Bed bugs are not uncommon on college campuses.”

Brenna Parker is the health reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].