Amy Schumer goes inside Kent State


Amy Schumer backstage at the 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday, Sept. 20, 2015.

Sarah Matthews

Amy Schumer filled the M.A.C Center with laughs Sunday night in her sold-out performance.

The show opened with fellow comedian Rachel Feinstein, who was a finalist on Season 7 of “Last Comic Standing.”

The crowd cheered as Feinstein announced Schumer, who immediately cracked jokes about the age of the crowd.

“Is it like parents’ weekend?” Schumer said. “This is not a fun show to see with your parents.”

Junior public relations major Hanna Moore said she enjoyed how Schumer made the show feel personal.

“I liked that she tailored some jokes to Kent State because she knew our mascot, and made jokes about the (Kent Stater) and people in the audience,” Moore said.

Schumer joked about everything from how she won’t be famous much longer to some of her interactions with celebrities: including Bradley Cooper, Katie Couric and Hillary Clinton. She even told jokes about Kent State and college life.

“I hear your mascot is the Golden Flash… That’s a sex term,” Schumer said. 

“Hearing about her interacting with other celebrities, she sounds as how anyone else would in those situations, which is very refreshing hearing from someone who is so famous,” Moore said.

Nothing was off limits with Schumer, including audience members. During the show, Schumer made a joke to Kevin and Colin Otubu of Undergraduate Student Government (USG) about being twins.

“You guys look suspiciously alike,” Schumer said.

“I mean it was just a little strange because you see that on TV, but when it’s actually you it’s very different,” said Kevin Otubu, who is the director of programming for USG.

Schumer took a serious note during the show to share her efforts to push for stricter gun-control laws following the deadly shootings in a Louisiana movie theater that was playing her movie, “Trainwreck.”

“I love how she uses her fame and voice to draw attention to real issues that she cares about,” Senior accounting major Jordan Kushner said. “She has the potential to truly make an impact on the world.”

Sarah Matthews is the student politics and USG reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].