Garret Ferrara re-elected as Ward 1 city councilman

Photo courtesy of LinkedIn

Photo courtesy of LinkedIn

Melissa Puppo

Garret M. Ferrara (R) will continue to serve on the Ward 1 Kent City Council after Tuesday’s election results were published Wednesday morning after a delay.

Ferrara won with 64.48 percent of the votes against local designer Kenneth McGregor, who received 35.52 percent of the votes. A total of 1340 votes were cast in this election. 

The Kent alum said the maintenance and safety of streets and sidewalks for pedestrians is a priority to ensure a sustainable city. He is also looking to explore alternative funding sources for sidewalk repair.

He also plans to continue balancing environmental issues in Kent, as he said he believes all areas are crucial in protecting and preserving the land.

“I have provided strategic leadership that has pushed the City to produce results across all of our strategic priorities, which include infrastructure and the environment, and I’ll continue to do the same for another four years,” Ferrara said in an interview with the League of Women’s Voters and the Record-Courier. 

Ferrara, 48, has served on Kent City Council since 2000 and also served as chairman of Land Use and vice chair of Finance Committee. He also worked 23 years in the financial service industry helping with management investment and retirement savings. 

Ferrara has a bachelor’s of general studies and a master’s of business administration from Kent State.  

Melissa Puppo is a city reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].