#NoBraDay supports breast cancer awareness

Erin Zaranec

October has been reserved for all things pink since 1985. Pink ribbons usually flood social media in the form of Twibbons, images and informational articles about breast cancer. Since 2011, a controversial twist has been added to the traditional breast cancer awareness month.

Celebrated for the past four years, #NoBraDay is a social media campaign started by breast cancer survivors and advocates. Women are encouraged to leave their bras at home, schedule mammogram appointments, participate in self-examinations and embrace the health of their breast tissue. According to keyhole.com, the #NoBraDay hashtag made more than 21 million impressions on Oct. 13. The day, though, doesn’t come without criticism.

“I think people have good intentions (with National No Bra Day) but I don’t believe that days like this actually raise awareness,” said Courtney Laudato, a junior criminology & justice studies major. “If (people) want to raise awareness they should try learning about the disease and how to self-examine instead of just taking your bra off.”

Laudato said she would consider participating in the day for fun, but would do more outreach if she actually aimed to raise awareness of the issue. While Kent State students generally agree that breast cancer awareness is a worthy cause, others echoed Laudato’s concerns.

“I do see the value, although I think there are better ways to raise awareness,” said Jennifer Sansonette, a junior finance major. “(Breast cancer) is something that has affected me personally, so I really think awareness needs to be (appropriately) raised so people know how common breast cancer is.” 

Brooke Stehlik, a freshman integrated language arts major, said she believes National No Bra Day is a fun way to raise awareness about a serious issue.

“I think it is definitely valuable to raise awareness in whatever way possible,” she said. “It is important because breast cancer affects so many people and with more awareness raised, hopefully more people will donate (money) to help possibly find a cure.”

Visit nationalbreastcancer.org for free breast cancer resources such as information on self-examinations, symptoms of breast cancer and mammograms.