Good Samaritan Provision aims to keep students safe at Homecoming

Brenna Parker

The Good Samaritan Provision aims to protect student’s health and safety, especially for students looking to take part in Homecoming festivities this weekend.

Kent State Police Services Community Resource Officer Tricia Knoles said student safety is the number one priority.

“We feel it is important that students obtain timely medical assistance if the student is highly intoxicated or impaired and needs to go to the hospital,” Knoles said. “Students need to know that calling 911 is what they need to do in this instance.”

Knoles said in the past students might have been reluctant to call for help when help was truly needed from fear they would be subjected to university disciplinary actions related to an alcohol incident. 

Students may be referred to complete an appropriate alcohol evaluation, counseling or treatment. If students are not compliant they could be referred to the Office of Student Conduct.

The Good Samaritan Provision does not preclude any disciplinary actions regarding other university violations such as harassment, property damage/vandalism, sexual abuse and threats.

“The most important thing to remember is that your friend’s life is more important than to worry about getting in trouble,” Knoles said. “We provided this Good Samaritan Provision so that it will help to take away some of that worry and so that students will choose to do the right thing.”

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