College Republicans support Portman re-election campaign

Alexandra Gray

Kent State University’s College Republicans are helping Senator Rob Portman with his re-election campaign, which will be on the ballot in November 2016.  

The College Republicans, a top chapter in Northeast Ohio, are going door-to-door in the Kent and Stow area for surveys to be filled out.  These surveys will be used to find out what is most important to constituents so Portman can be informed on what voters want and how to represent them.    

“We have just knocked…on 2,700 doors in one week, alone,” said Jennifer Hutchinson, president of the College Republicans.  

This is unusual because candidates typically do not start campaigning this vigorously this early.  Hutchinson said Portman’s campaign has beaten out the national races that are occurring now in regards to going to constituents’ doors with the College Republicans knocking on over 9,000 doors.

On top of going door-to-door, the College Republicans also call voters in the Kent and Stow area, as well as attending events for the Senator’s campaign.  

Currently, only the College Republicans and interns for the campaign are helping but anyone can be involved. Hutchinson said that working on campaigns is important to the College Republicans because they believe in Portman and they want to make sure that their efforts get recognized.  

“It’s nice to help a candidate that you really believe in,” said Hutchinson.