Five ways to get educated about the #blacklivesmatter movement

Daria Gaither

 With the #blacklivesmatter movement in full effect across the nation, you may wonder how you can get involved with the #BlackLivesMatter movement as a Kent State student. Before you join the movement, get educated! Here are five ways you can educate yourself on the #blacklivesmatter movement:

    1. Visit the official #blacklivesmatter website

  The #blacklivesmatter official website features the history of the movement, ways to contact your local chapter and a calendar of #blacklivesmatter events around the country. For more information about the movement checkout the official website at

  2. Visit the Pan-African studies department for a list of local events geared towards the #blacklivesmatter movement.

 The Kent State Pan-African studies department located in Oscar Ritchie Hall has a list of events happening within the pan-african studies department.

   3. Google #blacklivesmatter and explore.

Do a simple Google search and explore what the World Wide Web has to say about the movement. Read the news articles, blog posts and updates on the movement.

   4. Search the #blacklivesmatter hashtag on social media

 Search the #blacklivesmatter hashtag on all your personal social media websites. See what others around you and around the world are saying about the #blacklivesmatter movement.

 5. Connect with Kent State organizations for more information about the #blacklivesmatter movement and what they are doing to contribute to the movement.

  Talk to organizations and see what they are doing to educate others about the #blacklivesmatter movement.

Daria Gaither is the diversity reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].