BUS comedy show brings laughs to homecoming


Steve Brown, Comedian and headliner high fives Tara Horn, 20, junior,paralegal major, after making jokes about her during the BUS annual comedy show in the ballroom of the Kent Student Center, Saturday, October3.

Daria Gaither

Kent State students and alumni eagerly entered the Student Center Ballroom Saturday night for Black United Student’s annual Comedy Show. 

“Cut that mf up!” Steve Brown yelled to the music operators as he entered the stage Saturday night. 

Brown, best known for his high-pitched voice and high-energy physical antics during his stand-ups, headlined the comedy show. Brown has been featured on “P. Diddy Presents Bad Boys of Comedy,” BET’s “Comic View” and “1st Amendment Stand Up.”

Opening the show this year was Fluidity, an all-male Kent State dance team whose hip-hop and technical techniques make them who they are. 

“What’s up? My name is Pat Brown, say, ‘Hey, Pat Brown,’” said Brown to the audience.

Brown, most known for her appearance on BET’s “Comic View,” was the host for the evening.

“You have one job: to sit back and have a good-ass time and we comedians are going to make y’all laugh,” Brown said

Brown opened the show by acknowledging Kent State’s homecoming game win, but of course a joke had to come out of it.

“It’s about damn time Kent won again,”  Brown said.

Much of Steve Brown’s routine included impromptu jokes about audience members, cougars versus younger women and poop jokes. Brown even made jokes about his renowned voice.

“When people call my house, they say, ‘Excuse me young lady, is your father home?’” he said.

However, Brown took a serious moment to address LGBTQ audience members before making a couple of jokes.

“Be who you are,” Brown said. 

He made the point that although he may have jokes, he does not bash gay people and supports them.

“I am not a gay basher because I know who I am,” Brown said.

“Y’all do y’all, just don’t do me,” Brown quipped.

A common joke with all comedians for the evening was about Ohio’s weather and the diversity of the crowd.

“You ever been so cold that you had to walk backwards?” said opening comedian Sean Larkins.

Larkins is most known for his appearances in BET’s “Comic View” and “Def Comedy Jam.”

During his set, Larkins took a moment to commend black men for getting an education.

“Big shout out to the black men in school,” he said. “Stay in school and do your thing. You could be out doing anything, but you are in school.” 

Comedian Rodney Jordan made jokes about a subject all college students could relate to: roommates. 

“Raise your hand if you hate your roommate … half of you can’t because they are sitting next to you,” Jordan said.

All the comedians took the time to shout out to each black fraternity and sorority at Kent State, giving them a few moments to throw up their organization’s hand sign and to do their calls.

BUS has hosted this event on Homecoming Weekend since the 90s.

“In the 90s, BUS wanted to bring diversity and more options to Homecoming Weekend,” said Kyndall Echols, director of programming for BUS.

Echols, a junior fashion merchandising major, said this event is one of the more relaxed events after a busy day of activities.

Rachael Evans, a senior business management major, said, “ It was a wonderful experience. BUS should keep this event, it brings different ethnic groups together to have a good time.”

Evans said the comedy show was a nice wind down to the day.

“It was just really fun and I could feel the positive energy in the room,” she said.

“I attend the BUS annual comedy show every year because it is a chance to see the black community come together and have a good time,” said Shakenna Johnson, a sophomore pan-african studies major.

“I love seeing successful black people showcase their talents,” Johnson said.

Daria Gaither is the diversity reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].