USG released tentative candidate list for 2021 election

Blake Westover Reporter

Blastoff, Homecoming and Flashfest: most students have at least one great memory from these Kent State traditions. Whether it was DaBaby, Chloe x Halle or Do It For The Culture, USG planned and implemented them all. 

This is the first year USG elections have been completely conducted online. Instead of gathering signatures in public spaces like the Student Center or the library, candidates are gathering their 202 signatures over Google Docs. 

“We’re extending the process until Friday,” said Ethan Lower, the USG director of governmental affairs. “We’re seeking to make sure we get as many applicants as possible.”

The extension comes after a lack of completed petitions at the time of the original deadline last week. 

“We have a great group of students,” said Lower. 

USG released the Candidate list Monday, ahead of Tuesday’s scheduled Meet-and-Greet event. The candidates may start campaigning; however, the candidate list will not be finalized until Friday, February 26.

Candidate List:

Student Body President

Chazzlyn “Chaz” Jackson

Director of Academic Affairs

Director of Business and Finance


Director of Marketing and Communications

Kristyn Hibbett

Director of Community Affairs

Director of Governmental Affairs

Erik Gomez

Director of Programming

Alice Fermaintt

Brandon Allen

Director of Student Advancement

Brandon Taylor

Camryn Kwiatkoski

Director of Student Involvement 


Senator, College of Aeronautics and Engineering


Senator, College of Architecture and Environmental Design


Senator, College of the Arts

Trevor Walton

Isabella “Zaz” Alvarino

Senator, College of Arts and Sciences


Senator, College of Business Administration


Senator, College of Communication and Information

Jenna Gilbreath

Senator, College of Education, Health, and Human Services

Riley Elersich

Senator, College of Nursing

Senator, College of Public Health

Senator, Honors College


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