Connect2Akron to help students connect with nonprofit organizations

Cameron Gorman

Connect2Akron, a program that helps college students and recent graduates make connections with nonprofit groups and programs in the greater Akron area, is hosting its second annual event this Thursday.

“Some of the most meaningful relationships I’ve had are through volunteering at a nonprofit,” Getta Cornici, chair of the 2015 planning committee, said. “This so important, not only for peer to peer relationships, but for meaningful impact with the nonprofits and with each other.”

It is the goal of the event not only to help students and young people into the professional world but also to create time for  important connections in today’s busy environment, she said.

“Not everyone has the time,” Cornici said. “I know college students are very busy with school, but I think you can specialize (the event) to your needs. You’re not only connecting with things you’re interested in, but also things you’re good at.”

This year, the event will include networking and volunteer opportunities with organizations such as ArtCetera, Downtown Akron Partnership of Emerging Leaders, Torchbearers, Young Professionals of Akron, the Young Professionals Network of the Greater Akron Chamber, the Young Black Professionals Coalition and more.

“We’re looking for meaningful engagement between the volunteers and nonprofits,” Cornici said.

The event will occur at 5:30 p.m. in the Akron Civic Theatre. Registration is free and attendees are urged to pre-register using the Connect2Akron website in order to allow for proper event preparation. Those looking to register can visit

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