Opinion: The cargo pants trend needed to end before it started


Jessa Schroeder is a senior journalism major and columnist for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected]

Jessa Schroeder

In recent years there has been much debate over cargo pants. The trend is most commonly worn by the male population but it is particularly disputed amongst women when speaking about men. The rumors you have heard are true.

We (or at least most of us,) want this trend to get lost.

Why is the cargo pant so important you might ask? Why are we even talking about this? This is just a ludicrous column written by a girl who cares about fashion, right?

Maybe, but that’s your opinion.

According to industry analysts, “Fashion is a $1.2 trillion global industry, with more than $250 billion spent annually on fashion in the United States. Fashion and apparel industries employ 1.9 million people in the United States and have a positive impact on regional economies across the country.”

Not only is there a thriving market and numerous job opportunities for fashion fanatics, but it is also a way of expressing yourself. Fashion is a form of art that brings out the colors of your individuality.

Aside from framing yourself, fashion is an excellent way to display professionalism and common sense.

Would professionals wear wife beaters and cargo pants to work? The answer is no, because they want to be taken seriously, and not be seen as an amateur, or as a confused 13-year-old boy.

If you’re a guy reading this thinking “wow, that’s harsh,” I’m here to tell you it’s not harsh. You may adore your dorky, outdated pants, but that doesn’t mean you are not a nice person.

In fact, you are probably a remarkably nice person, with the most phenomenal intellect and vibrant personality. And we love you, really—we are just trying to help you.

(You don’t need that many pockets, you guys.)

If you have not noticed, most of the stores still selling cargo pants are generic brands. If you walk into Express you won’t find a cargo pant in sight. Why? Because they know and they get it.

If you’re looking to find a pair however, you can make your way over to Dickies. Yes, Dickies. That’s the brand name you are trusting.

This argument may be associated with the confusion men have about high-waisted shorts, maxi dresses and oversized sun hats. You just don’t quite seem to get it. And that is OK.

Like Samantha in “Sex and the City” said, “It’s like the blind leading the blind.” We are just trying to get through life together, but we need direction.

The truth of the matter is we are just as screwed up as you are. 

Let’s try to get through with better fashion sense so we can be taken more seriously in society, the workplace and beyond.

Let’s put an end to the cargo pant trend, now and forever, and never look back.

Jessa Schroeder is a columnist for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].