Kent State sororities celebrate bid day

Sorority girls anxiously wait to greet their new members on Bid Day.

Kayla Sturm

Women of Kent State gathered on the student green Sunday Sept. 20 waiting for the new sisters to be welcomed into their chapters.

Bid Day is the last event of recruitment, when the new members join their chapter and are welcomed into the Greek life community.

Before new members are welcomed into their homes, President Beverly Warren made an appearance to speak to the women.

President Warren focused on discussing how Greek life members have a tremendous responsibility, and how the lifestyle comes under scrutiny.

“What we must do, and new members we’re counting on you, what we must do is to show the best of Greek life and I have seen it,” Warren said.

“I think it’s really important for her to address our community. I think every woman is able to look up to her,” Leslie Cancelliere, a senior communication studies major and vice president of recruitment and retention, said.

Warren expressed that these women are leaders and the new members will need to step forward and reach out to do their part.

“Current members, the members who are welcoming new members to their community, you have a responsibly as well of what it takes to lead. When we ask you to give back in service, you come forward in great result,” Warren said.

Warren listed three main points to encourage the women to become leaders in the community.

“Women remember these three phrases: reach out, lean in and step forward,” she said. “Take advantage of opportunities and say, ‘I will do my part!’ Step forward and take advantage of what you can grab hold of, you have to lean into opportunities. “

Warren’s speech touched the women and inspired them to become leaders on campus.

“Bev’s speech was really inspirational and it was amazing seeing her here and support Greek life,” Alex Hagood, senior early childhood education major and member of Alphi Xi Delta said.

Kayla Sturm is the Greek life reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].