Students come together for stereotype debunking

Itzzy Leon

Cultural stereotyping, an event in the KIVA from 7 to 9 p.m., will educate students about stereotypes and try to debunk stereotypes about various communities.

“We want the student body to be more aware of cultural differences,” said senior hospitality management major and event planner Darnell Griffiths. “At this point, people in college are going to be faced with different cultures, and we want people to know that these stereotypes aren’t true.”

The free event will be split into different portions, starting with a video. The second part will consist of four panelists from different communities, including Latin-American, African-American, European-American and LGBTQ.

The representatives are John Hess (European-American), John Jones (African-American), Brian Wakely (LGBTQ) and Sebástian Rodrígues (Latin American).

There is also a millennial and American portion that will discuss the stereotypes of this generation and the American stereotype.

The dance team Golden Reflections will be performing a piece portraying Americans.

“We want to bring everyone together, us all being Americans and our age,” Griffiths said. “We want people to know that these stereotypes aren’t true.”

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