Extension added to Delta Zeta House


FILE: The new addition of the Delta Zeta house on Tuesday, Sept. 8 2015.

Kayla Sturm

The Delta Zeta house began construction at the start of the summer as a multipurpose room is being built, along with an outside patio for its fast growing community.

It is expected to be finished when recruitment starts on Sep. 15.

Funds come from alumni members in the housing corporation and the other women involved in Delta Zeta by paying $3.50 a month to contribute.

“We’re such a growing Greek community that we needed some more space,” said the Delta Zeta treasurer, who did not wish to be identified because she has disassociated from her chapter during the recruitment process.

She said last fall, a decision was made deciding whether or not Delta Zeta should pay off their mortgage, or add something instead. All the women decided on adding to the house.

The costs of architecture added up to approximately $20,000, and construction approximately cost $42,000, which was just the start of the project.

The members of Delta Zeta are very excited for the addition, which will be dedicated to doing assignments and crafts.

“I would really like to add workout equipment to the room for the girls,” said house manager Anhelica Rodriguez. She has been living in the house for a year and a half. “(I) never thought they would put in extra space, but the house deserved the addition.”

Kedron Taylor, house mom of Delta Zeta, moved into the house in mid-July—never having lived with 30 other girls–and is thrilled about the new additions to the house.

“The house looks all that great on the outside and the addition makes it that much better,” said Taylor. “Not surprised for awesome changes.”

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