Speaker discusses genes, biology at Kent State

Bailey Purpura

Kent Natural Foods Co-op hosted a two-day conference/workshop this past weekend to present author and biologist Bruce H. Lipton.

Teachers, physicians, college professors, doctors and more all joined together Friday afternoon to listen to Lipton speak.

At the Kiva, Lipton told the audience that genes don’t control anything and how we are all here on this earth to create balance.

Lipton, the author of “The Biology of Belief” is also known as a cellular biologist and former Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine who later went on to Stanford Medical School to teach.

Lipton’s book, “The Biology of Belief” focuses on unleashing the power of consciousness, matter, and miracles. In other words, how the environment affects one’s genes to challenge  additional ways of thinking. Some topics Lipton discussed included the four assumptions of the apocalypse and the perceptions of myth. Lipton first discussed how biological process employs Newtonian physics; the second explained genes controlling biology; third included survival of the fittest and the fourth concerned evolution as a random process.

The presentation spawned a questions from the audience such as what DNA may actually mean and what the book talks about it meaning. In relation, Lipton discussed topics including genetic determinism.

“Genes determine the characters of life, genetic determinism…” Lipton said. This leads to genetic profiles and understanding IQ, athletic ability, health, and character.

“We expect a very lively and stimulating presentation by author Bruce H. Lipton on topics that he brings up in his book “The Biology of Belief” and his other books.” said lead organizer of the event and outreach of Kent Natural Foods Co-op (KNFC) Jeff Ingram. “Our audience could be anyone who is interested in the power of positive thinking.”

Lipton is donating his travel and speaker fee expenses to Kent Natural Foods Co-op. All the funds raised from admission sales will go directly into supporting the Co-op’s building expansion at the stores downtown location. “We also hope it will highlight KNFC as a community leader when it comes to healing the planet and healing ourselves” Ingram said.

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