Police investigating catalytic converter thefts


Police in Kent are investigating the theft of catalytic converters on and off-campus.

Kent State University Police and Kent Police are investigating the theft of catalytic converters from vehicles on and off-campus.

A catalytic converter is a component of a vehicle’s exhaust and is often stolen to be sold as scrap metal.

According to a campus advisory sent to the university community via email Feb. 20, the thefts have occurred over the past few days, although the number of thefts was not released. The advisory also did not disclose if there are any suspects in the investigation.

University officials are asking Kent State students, faculty and staff to report any suspicious activity in parking lots to police.

Kent State University Police can be contacted by phone at 330-672-2212 and Kent Police can be reached at 330-673-7732. Blue light phones on campus can also be used to contact university police directly.

Elias Shingleton is a digital content producer. Contact him at [email protected].