LGBTQ Student Center hosts Safe Space Ally Training

Ken Ditlevson, director of the LGBTQ+ Center stands in his office. THE LGBTQ+ Center offers Safe Space Ally training in order to create an inclusive space on campus for all people.

Gabrielle Woodard

Kent State strives to create an inclusive place for all people on campus by offering Safe Space Ally Training through the LGBTQ Student Center.

Recently, a Kentucky county clerk has created a stir by refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples based on her religious beliefs, and Kent State wants to ensure an accepting environment for all sexual orientations.  

Ken Ditlevson, director of the LGBTQ Student Center, encourages everyone to sign up for Safe Space Ally Training.

“The benefits are numerous, including participants gaining a knowledge and awareness of prejudices and biases (as well as) learning current, appropriate language in addressing concepts regarding the LGBTQ communities,” Ditlevson said.

The training gives the opportunity for participants to learn about the LGBTQ community and “obtain the tools to develop plans for making a difference in their departments and within student interactions,” according to the training’s website.

The training is taught in a four-hour training session that includes LGBTQ vocabulary lessons and the opportunity to speak with a panel of students that identify as LGBTQ. Scheduling for Safe Space Ally Training is provided on the LGBTQ Student Center’s website.

“Our hope is to make KSU the most inclusive and welcoming campus for all people,” Ditlevson said.

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