Five tips for Kent commuters


Students board the Summit East bus at the Student Center.

Austin Bennett

A campus of more than 22,000 undergraduate students can be intimidating for incoming students. Kent’s classes, sporting events and student organizations bring a diverse group of students together, including commuting students.

The college experience of a commuter is different than those who live in one of the university’s 25 residence halls. Even though commuting students do not live on campus, there are many opportunities to connect in campus-life.    

If you are commuting to Kent this semester, these five tips will help you make the most out of your time on campus.

1.    Research parking

If you didn’t know, every student who wants to park on Kent State’s campus must buy a parking pass. Finding a parking spot can be tricky, however. Throughout the 70 lots across campus, there are only approximately 7,000 spaces available for students, all of which fill quickly. Also, it is helpful to find out which buildings your classes are in to find a spot close. For example, it is a 1.8-mile walk from the Summit East Lot to Franklin Hall.

2.    Give yourself enough time

On-campus students can get away with oversleeping, grabbing their books and running to class—commuters can’t. There are no shortcuts when it comes to traveling to school, finding a parking spot and making it to class. Plan your day with enough wiggle room for a traffic jam or full parking lot.

3.    Get involved on campus

While the large campus may be overwhelming, Kent State has many ways to get involved with more than:

·      300 clubs and organizations,

·      1,000 programs, activities and on-campus events

·      20 sororities and fraternities

4.    Connect with students and professors

Use the resources around you. Students who live on campus may be able to help you find out everything happening throughout the year. They will also be able to help you find your way around the new campus. Also, talk to your professors. Along with helping you in class, they can usually help you find internships.

5.    Explore downtown

Whether you want retail therapy, a haircut or even a bite to eat, there’s a lot to experience within a short walk from the campus.

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