Blackstone LaunchPad prepares for future student entrepreneurs

Brittany Anderson

With more than 1,000 students utilizing the service of Blackstone LaunchPad, future Kent State students with ideas will have an easy and accessible resource to get help bringing those ideas and plans to fruition. 

“We are currently talking to a lot of freshman students through DKS,” said Julie Messing, entrepreneur initiatives and executive director. “It’s a chance to reach out to all 4,000 freshman and their parents to see what ideas they have.”

Advisers at Blackstone are preparing for the upcoming school year while mentoring their current local student entrepreneurs, like junior environmental conservation biology major Michael George.

“I found out about Blackstone my freshman year, and I had multiple ideas,” George said. “Blackstone even has so many idea competitions and ways to grow students ideas that are useful.”

The Elevator Pitch is a yearly event that allows student entrepreneurs to network and share quick ideas with each other while on an elevator with a limited time to pitch an idea. This year’s Elevator Pitch event will take place during the second week of October. 

“We are always here for anyone who has any type of idea,” said Zach Mikrut, a senior marketing manager. “We can help you build on that idea, whether is just thought of yesterday or thoroughly thought and planned out.”

As a collaborative unit, Blackstone services the entire Kent campus. 

“If you have a dream or idea that you feel like you could do but don’t know how, Blackstone can really help you take the first steps and give you that needed push,” George said. “It’s a very personal experience talking to Blackstone advisers, and you could be one of the many success stories seen through Blackstone.”

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