Students can take part in intramural sports

Shayla Pierce

Kent State offers a wide variety of options for intramural sports throughout the school year, with the fall leagues starting soon after move-in.

The fall semester will hold five different leagues including flag football, outdoor soccer, softball, sand volleyball and indoor volleyball.

The intramural program will also host four tournaments throughout the semester, which include disc golf, badminton, ultimate Frisbee and a holiday basketball tournament.

“It’s a great way to get to know more people, especially for those who are new on campus,” said Phelan Fletcher, recreation program coordinator.

Kent State Intramurals had approximately 2,646 students who participated throughout the last school year.

“It’s just a great way to have fun with other people,” said Tyler Weaver, a sophomore generation education and health and human services major.

Ashley Slepko, a senior special education major at Kent State, started playing intramurals her freshman year and has stuck with the same teammates throughout. Slepko says it is a great way to stay involved.

“It’s a good way to stay active while still being with your friends,” Slepko said. “It gives you a break from work and homework.”

It is possible for students to do more than one league at a time, but it does require students to schedule accordingly.

“You can set it up however you want, you could have one sport on one night and then have another on a different night,” said Weaver, whereas Slepko says she tries to have two or three games on the same night.

The intramural department offers two ways to set up your team’s schedule.

Students can sign up for the desired league in the Pro Shop of the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, where they will pay their fee and set up an IMLeagues account, or students can download an app called Rec*it where they will be able to accomplish sign up and creating a team.  

The first deadline to sign up for intramurals will be Wednesday, Sept. 16. 

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