Kent State welcomes 3,000 international students this fall


Missy Hendrix, a public health major, passes a book to students Baraa Iskandar and Abdullah Almotairi at the Kent State International Student Mentor’s Meeting on March 3, 2015. Members of the organization can leave a message in their language in the journal to share with the group. 

Alyse Rohloff

Kent State is planning to host about 3,000 international students this fall, with about 30 percent coming from China and 42 percent coming from Saudi Arabia. About 45 percent of international students have a major that is in the College of Arts and Sciences, while about 17 percent are in the College of Business.

International students are housed in the International Village Experience located in Clark Hall.

Some international organizations that students can get involved in include Chinese Student Association, Association for Saudi Arabian Students, Brazilian Student Organization and others. Student can also get involved in Kent State International Mentors.

Trips are organized for international students for the fall. Some of the trips include a visit to Washington, D.C., the Cleveland Art Museum, Cedar Point and a Cleveland Cavaliers game.

“Get involved and be open,” said Gyorgyi Mihalyi-Jewell, international student adviser. “A lot of times, they talk to their own peers, so they don’t get to practice the language. It is hard to get out of their comfort zone because they are in the new country, but at the same time (if) they do it, it would make their lives much easier.”

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