Modista Fashion Group removes ‘minority’ from name

Craig Zombar

Modista: Minority Fashion Group has removed the word “minority” from its name, making it the Modista Fashion Group, to be more inclusive of Kent State students.

“We found that having minority as a part of our name deterred students who did not identify as minorities from joining and participating in our organization,” said Modista President Elandra McConney, who is a senior fashion merchandising major. “It was never our intention to make anyone feel as if they are not welcome because they do not fit a certain criteria.”

Founded in 2008, Modista Fashion Group’s mission to provide service to the fashion community, support graduation retention and support the art of fashion, according to its website.

The group wants to celebrate the art of fashion through showcasing different personal styles and design aesthetics from different ethnicities and work to have a more diverse representation of models at fashion shows in the future, McConney said.

“The word minority insinuates that the people and the culture of underrepresented students are minor, and that is simply not the case,” McConney said.

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