University switches from Huntington to PNC Bank this fall

Catherine Wilcher

Kent State officially changed its primary campus-banking provider from Huntington to PNC Bank on Wednesday.

The Board of Trustees approved PNC to be the campus bank, at its June system meeting. PNC currently has a table in the Student Center to help aid students while the bank installs its branch where the Huntington Bank center used to exist. The PNC branch is scheduled to open in August.

There will be six ATMs on Kent’s main campus and one ATM at each Kent branch except the Ashtabula and East Liverpool campuses. Students will be able to use their Flashcards as PNC debit cards this fall.

PNC will also introduce its virtual wallet to students, which is designed to help students monitor spending and check their account balance. Students will be able to go online and view their account and transactions.

Informational workshops will be held to educate students on financial management and literacy. One Huntington Bank ATM will remain on campus this year as students transition to the new banking service.

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