Kent State observes Easter with tradition and renewal

Skye McEowen

At the end of the Lenten period, a period of penance and fasting, Christians around Kent and the world observed Easter on April 5. The University Parish Newman Center served as one place of worship where people commemorated the holiday Sunday.

“Faith tells us that Jesus promised after his death that he would return,” said Father Steve Agostino to nearly 200 people in the chapel adorned with Easter lilies.

The Christian mass focused on the Easter traditions within the Catholic Church and the importance of baptism and renewal.

“Water plays a very important role in the life of every Christian and the life of every Catholic who was baptized,” Agostino said.

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after he was crucified as told in the Bible’s New Testament. People often celebrate the holiday through Easter egg hunts, exchanging gifts or by enjoying candy, though the customs change from family to family.

During mass, Agostino asked children within the congregation what they received for Easter, with answers ranging from jelly beans to a football.

“Usually we go to my grandma’s house and have dinner and play badminton in the backyard,” said Emily Seibel, a junior human development and family studies major, about her Easter tradition.

Easter has different specific meanings to those who celebrate it.

Dorlina Tereza, a visiting scholar from India, said Easter means enlightenment.

“Easter means family and a celebration of faith,” Seibel said.

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