BUS announces new executive board members

Matt Poe

The Kent State Black United Students, or BUS, concluded its elections and announced its new executive board members for the 2015-16 school year.

Ten total positions were filled, including elected positions such as president and vice president, while five others, such as director of student relations and director of academic affairs, were appointed.

Isaac Floyd, current director of student relations, will serve as the future president of BUS. Floyd discussed his new role and the plans for the organization moving forward.

“BUS is very personal to me and I’m excited to take on this new role,” the sophomore exercise science major said. “The role of president has a lot of responsibilities but it’s an opportunity to give back to an organization that has given so much to me.”

Floyd called for a need to bring more funding and resources to the Pan-African studies department, which helps provide BUS with opportunities such as attending leadership conferences, something Floyd described as “life-changing.”

“We attended a leadership conference at Harvard University, which is something I never thought I would experience,” Floyd said. “It changed my life and college experience so we want to be able to bring these things to members of the board and our constituents.”

For next semester and moving forward, Floyd said one of the major issues the organization wants to address is “transparency with administration because there is always room for improvement.”

BUS will be holding its 39th Annual Ebony Achievement Awards this Sunday at Oscar Ritchie Hall. For more information on BUS and a full list of the executive board, visit the Twitter page.

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