‘Theatre and Arts in London’ class to discuss spring break trip

Dara Sander

The “Theatre and Arts in London” class will present their London, England, spring break experience on April 22 at 2:15 p.m. at The Center for Performing Arts in Room D304. 

A wide range of majors went on the weeklong trip based off the class that associate professor of theater Yuko Kurahashi taught. Those majors included music, fashion design, theatre, costume design and art. 

Students had the chance to study theaters and museums, as well as the history of the arts and culture in London, said costume design graduate student April Rock. 

“It gave (us) the opportunity to travel, because not all of us get the chance to the study abroad and things like that,” Rock said. “So even though we only had a week, we did a lot.”

Their presentation will include a video of the trip, and several students plan to present specific experiences they had during their time abroad.

The students attended most events in London as a group, but there were times when students could spit up into smaller groups and sightsee and explore the city of London based on individual interests. 

Rock said highlights of her trip included a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum and an installation theater show called “Grimm Tales.” 

For students who are cautious of the price but still want to take the class, Rock said don’t let it deter the interest. 

“Don’t let the money part stop you from going, because if you can save up the money, it is completely worth it,” she said. “It’s a great group. I mean Dr. Kurahashi has been there and she has connections…It seems expensive but it’s a lot cheaper than going on your own would ever be, and it was a lot of fun. Take advantage of it because it was one of the best experiences I’ve had.”

 Refreshments will be offered, and all students and faculty are welcome to attend.


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