New fraternity makes its mark on Kent’s campus

Zabrina Hvostal

Alpha Sigma Phi, which started Fall 2014 as a student organization, has now become a fraternity after recruiting and initiating 27 new members this semester.

Zach Weidensaul, president of Alpha Sigma Phi, said he transferred to Kent State this year from Capital University, where he was an active member of its Alpha Sigma Phi chapter. He said he had plans to try to bring the fraternity to campus as soon as he knew he was transferring.

“I found out there wasn’t a chapter here, and I really pushed for it because I felt like it needed to be here,” Weidensaul, a junior public relations major, said. “I’ve been an active brother since my freshman year, and it is such a huge part of me that I wanted to share with others.”

Hayden West, vice president of the fraternity, said that he met Weidensaul over the summer, and he told him about his idea to start Alpha Sigma.

West said some of his responsibilities include leading meetings when the president can’t make it, leading the director board and being the fraternity’s voice to the Interfraternity Council (IFC).

“Kent State really welcomed us with open arms,” West, a freshman public health major, said. “We were voted on unanimously by all the fraternities to be a probationary officer on IFC.”

West said being a probationary officer means that the group is allowed to sit in on IFC meetings and have an opinion but is not allowed to vote or hold a chair position for another year.

West said it is amazing to see how much the organization has grown this semester. He said in the fall semester, it only had 11 members, and this semester the fraternity more than doubled in size.

“Representatives from our national headquarters came to Kent this semester and helped us expand and reach out to potential pledges,” West said.

Matt Gilkerson, recruitment director for Alpha Sigma Phi and senior advertising major, said he joined the fraternity this semester after hearing a national’s representative speak at Kent Interhall Council.

Gilkerson said he is a part of nine organizations on campus but still decided to go Greek because he thought if he didn’t, he would regret it later.

“I am graduating in three semesters so at first I was hesitant to join, but brotherhood goes beyond that,” Gilkerson said. “It’s for a life time.”

Gilkerson said he was nominated this semester for four positions and decided to take on his position as recruitment director due to his experience with advertising and promotion.

“Taking on a leadership position is a way for me to leave a mark on our chapter before I graduate,” Gilkerson said. “It’s been a rewarding experience being able to help our chapter grow.”

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