‘Kent U Dance?’ to showcase diverse music and dance

Payton Moore

The Dynamic Lyricists will host the “Kent U Dance?” collaboration on Saturday, April 11 to showcase various dance styles.

The Dynamic Lyricists is a group of students who produce videos and perform in competitions to show off their dance skills. The group also holds dance classes for all students to partake in, from beginner to advanced dance expertise.

The Facebook page describes them as “a very unique blend of styles com(ing) together seamlessly to truly showcase something dynamic.”

The event will showcase several different styles of music and dance, from hip-hop to K-Pop. The Dynamic Lyricists will perform with roughly 10 other students who have prepared a submission video showing off their dance moves, said Andre Forrest, co-captain of The Dynamic Lyricists.

“With this being our first year hosting this event, we hope it will make enough of an impression so that when the time comes again next year, students will look forward to it,” Forrest, a junior photo illustration major, said.

The event looks to increase awareness of the diverse talent of students, as well as diverse forms of dance and music from around the world.

Kent U Dance? showcase will be held at the E. Turner Stump Theatre at 7 p.m. Tickets are free, donations are accepted.

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