Kent State professor, alum honor victims of 2013 Boston Marathon

Photo submitted by Nicole Gareri.

Photo submitted by Nicole Gareri.

Kate Schwanke

Kent State VCD associate lecturer Joan Inderhees and alum Nicole Gareri both finished among more than 26,000 people at the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 20.

Inderhees, who previously ran in 2012 in record-breaking heat, said this marathon was a huge turnaround with the heavy rain and wind throughout the race this year. She said the rain was just beginning when she was about to cross the starting line.

“I ran easily 20 miles with a trash bag on,” Inderhees said.

Inderhees had many favorite memories on Monday, one of which was talking to a 2013 Boston Marathon survivor, she said.

With more than 90 countries represented, Inderhees had the opportunity to talk to runners from other areas of the world.

“You just start meeting people and hearing their stories,” Inderhees said. “I met people from Korea, Vancouver, Spain and England.”

Gareri, a 2004 Kent State alum, said she did better than she thought she would, despite the weather conditions. 

“Leading up to it I was really bothered by it,” Gareri said. “I got myself all upset about it, but because it was miserable I think it made me want to get done faster.”

Gareri said her favorite memory was running the last stretch of the race down Boylston Street. She said  running in 2013 made this year an emotional experience.

“The first time I ran it I didn’t really stop to take it in,” Gareri said. “The fact that I was actually running down that street made me tear up a bit just because of everything that happened.” 

Both Inderhees and Gareri qualified for the 2016 Boston Marathon with their times from Monday and plan on participating.

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