Kent State alumnus author to donate e-books

Bruce Walton

Kent State alumnus William Gordon announced his plan to donate e-book editions of his book about the May 4shooting, “Four Dead in Ohio.”

Gordon also announced the updated e-book comes with a new preface sorting out both the controversy and the significance of who ordered the fire on students though recent FBI investigations. 

The new edition also explains how the FBI discovered the names of two of the individuals who burned down the campus ROTC building two nights before May 4, Gordon said.

Gordon said he is willing to donate e-books to any Kent State student who is interested in learning more about May 4. For any students who are interested, Gordon said the book is an opportunity to read an expert’s take on why it happened and why there was such a fiasco in the courts.

To receive a copy of the book, Gordon said students can email him their class schedule or student ID cards after redacting any information that might compromise their privacy to [email protected].

The offer is extended only to currently enrolled Kent State students and not faculty members or alumni, but Gordon said he is willing to extend the donation more often if there is enough interest. 

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