Mini Maker Faire to start Friday

Nick Boone

The University Library will host its second annual Kent State Mini Maker Faire on Friday, April 10, from noon to 4 p.m. on the building’s first floor.

“It is basically kind of like an adult show and tell,” said Hilary Kennedy, student multimedia studio manager. “It is showcasing making, essentially.” 

She said “making” can be anything from hands-on crafts such as knitting, pottery and crocheting to more technical “making” such has 3-D printing, 3-D pens and robotics. 

“It’s a real variety of creativity, innovation and all different kinds of people that get together and showcase what they are working on and what they are learning,” Kennedy said. 

Several departments showcased their technology last year, and one was the Fashion Library’s TechStyleLAB with 3-D body scanning. Along with people from around campus, local businesses and community members also showcased what they were working on, Kennedy said. 

Last year, 38 exhibitors participated and more than 200 visitors attended. Kennedy said they are hoping for more this year.

She also said the library has reached out to local schools and has one high school participating in the event. A middle school stem club plans a trip to visit. 

The Kent State Architecture Library plans to showcase a 3-D pen design, as well as crocheting, designing scarfs, making jewelry, drawing and knitting, according to the official website for the event. 

Kennedy said that she encourages people to register if they are attending the event by going to the official website, but it is not required. However, if a person wants to participate in the event, registration is required. 

The event is free for everyone to attend and participate in.  

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