Want a reporting internship in Washington D.C. next semester?

Taylor Meade

The Scripps Howard Foundation is accepting applications until March 15 to host interns for the Fall 2015 semester through its Semester in Washington program Sept. 9 to Dec. 15. 

Interns will work with an editor and fellow to produce multimedia stories for the Scripps Howard Foundation Wire and other news organizations of their choice, according to the Scripps Howard Foundation Wire website. Students with multimedia experience are preferred, but multimedia skills are taught throughout the semester.

“It (the program) introduces you to the complexity of what goes in the world,” said Jody Beck, director of Semester in Washington program of Scripps Howard Foundation.  

Students who receive an internship will get a sense of how local stories can be important to their readers, viewers or listeners as there’s more to the story than just what’s happening locally, she said. 

Interns applying must be undergraduate students for the term they spend in Washington, Beck said. Students will receive a stipend of $3,346 and free housing in furnished apartments for the semester.

Students interested in applying can visit www.shfwire.com. Click on “apply” and “reporting internship.”

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