Opinion: Ceasefire: A Serious discussion on gun control chaos


Mike Richards is a senior English major and a columnist for The Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].

Mike Richards

There’s enough gun violence about the nation that you could sell it as a Quentin Tarantino film. Though, the difference between this and “Django” getting some well-deserved justice, is that in itself. No justice is being served.

Gun-toting NRA-blowhards are finding new ways to tell the common person that if everyone has guns, we will all be safer and better off. By everyone, they really mean everyone and everywhere. The NRA has grossed around $92 million since Sandy Hook, attempting to milk the truth and spouting these ideals.

Because, you know, we are all of sane mind when it comes to firearms. I can’t even drive my car without crashing it, and the number of cars keeps rising. Not that I’m a horrible driver, but I’m close to starting a Kickstarter to revoke my driving privileges. Maybe if I wear my Ryan Gosling “Drive” jacket it’ll be more acceptable.

Much like driving, there is a level of sanity and will power needed to be in charge of something that can take lives away. But we don’t test everyone for weapon purchases.

We have given this responsibility and put people in uniforms to be in charge, but even then it is not being handled accordingly.

Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old boy from Cleveland, was killed by an officer back in November while toting a toy gun. Instead of the man who is responsible for keeping safe everyone in his community, the child was blamed. Seriously.

This is like an officer going to Laser Quest and laying waste during a 30-minute “Ironman” match. He’ll walk home sad not seeing his name on the

“top scores” board, but he’ll be OK because he thought he was in real danger.

Also, take a look at Los Angeles, where a group of officers shot and killed a man, after taking him down and shocking him with a Taser. Not one Taser, but three. And it was all recorded for everyone to see.

I don’t care if you are mentally disturbed or not, but imagine being shocked with three Tasers and think how you would react. There are going to be these mentally disturbed people around the world, but there are better means to tame and subdue, especially when they aren’t carrying firearms.

Take it back to the NRA and imagine if they’re “Guns 4 All” platform was in place.

I don’t believe I will see the day when there will be no guns. It is in a fairytale world with dancing and peace that this would happen.

But there are ways to bring peace and change with these circumstances.

I urge everyone to go to Everytown.org. I support this organization, and their “Not One More” campaign to bring knowledge to those who seek it in order to bring an end to gun violence and peace to our communities.

There is no need for yelling, there is no need for warfare and there is no need for backlash. The spreading of knowledge is the most powerful weapon we as citizens, people and humans have.

2.5 million people and counting have begun to take steps to giving back to the world this knowledge, because facts are facts and most are misconstrued in order for lobbyists to get their way.

Your life matters and as I’ve said before, we can make change only if we want it.

Put down the gun, and let’s chat.

Contact Mike Richards at [email protected].