An inside look at New York Fashion Week

Fashion Week

Fashion Week

Ellen Freeborn

As many of you may have gathered (due to constant tweets and Instagram posts from celebrities and your lucky friends who are in New York right now) this past week was New York Fashion Week, and it’s coming to a close tomorrow.

What does this mean? 

A culmination of designers and brands have publicly presented their latest collections to be viewed by buyers and the media and most importantly, let the world know what’s “in” and what’s “out” for the upcoming seasons of style.

Sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, this event is known to be attended by high-class socialites and celebrities. It’s a gathering of the world’s most creative people, inspiring new concepts in an atmosphere of prestige and modernity. Its attendees and participants are at the forefront of trends and modern thinking, so as you can imagine, the energy level is boiling.

To experience the magic for yourself, re-watch some of the shows here:

Because I could only assume so much without actually being there, I decided to talk to one of our own fashion students who had the opportunity to work at NY Fashion Week last week. 

Jasmine Summers, a junior fashion design major, is studying at Kent State’s New York Studio this semester and is interning for Rachel Antonoff. 

EF: How have you been involved in this year’s NY Fashion Week?

JS: “I was involved with Rachel Antonoff’s look book shoot Tuesday, Feb. 10, fitting Wednesday and presentation Thursday.”

EF: How did it feel to be a part of the action?

JS: “It was amazing to help prepare everything — clothing for the shoot, backdrops for the show, etc.”

EF: What was the overall vibe of the show?

JS: “Rachel’s show was high energy but also high stress. The entire set up of the show was a ‘Science Fair’ theme. So, every backdrop was a different science experiment. We were setting up ‘experiments’ from 7 a.m. right up until 4:15 p.m., and the show started at 5 p.m.”

EF: What did you learn from the experience?

JS: “I’m seeing so much overlap between what I’ve experienced in school and what goes on in a fashion career, but there are also points of disconnect. The tireless hard work and creative energy, the back and forth between sample factories and all the last-minute details happen on a much grander scale than in school. So seeing that the hard work pays off, in ways similar and different than in school, has been a great learning experience.” 

EF: Did you get to meet any celebrities?

JS: “I held AnnaSophia Robb’s water bottle while she took pictures with friends.” (I gasped.) “I also met Juno Temple, Michael Angarano, and Aidy Bryant and Vanessa Bayer from SNL.

EF: Will you want to be part of future Fashion Weeks?

JS: “Absolutely. The energy leading up to shows and presentations is unmatched.” 

I thanked Summers and encouraged her to keep up the good work. It’s hard not to be inspired after talking to her and watching the designers’ shows. I’m definitely experiencing a craving for life’s finer things right now.

But Summers isn’t the only Kent State student who experienced the excitement in New York this past week. Talk to your friends who are there right now. I’m sure they all have some great stories that will inspire you to sprint after your dreams and never settle for less than the best. 

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