Let’s play: Shedding some light on self-sex and sex toys

Heather Inglis

Let’s be 100 percent real right now: When it comes to sex, orgasms are the bee’s knees. Think about it: Just a couple right moves trigger a hormonal chain-reaction in your brain and bam, the best feeling of your life happens. This might be one of the coolest bodily functions, next to the senses of course, but that’s just my opinion.

Sometimes, however, it can be rather difficult to obtain such euphoria. Whether the person you’re with doesn’t know what he/she is doing or you haven’t figured each other out in the bedroom yet, climaxing isn’t always easy. It’s sad, I know.

But alas, there is a way! A way that most people don’t want to think about, let alone discuss with others. You guessed it: I’m talking about masturbation. To make things more interesting and maybe a bit more uncomfortable for some, I want to specifically talk about sex toys.

First, let me tell you why masturbating is important. Honestly, it’s got some perks aside from just feeling awesome. A recent article on Cosmopolitan’s website revealed that masturbating can improve your mood, help improve your sex life and help relieve headaches. If you’re a woman, it will specifically help your body fight yeast infections and help exercise your pelvic floor muscles. There are definitely benefits for men, too. An article from MensXP.com shows male masturbation can help lower the risk of prostate cancer and manage premature ejaculation.

I know what some of you are thinking: Health benefits are cool and all, but I’m in college, so why touch myself when I could just get laid? That’s where sex toys come in! Why not make this lonely act a little more exciting by bringing in some battery-operated or silicon assistance?

Ladies, I’m going to tell you something that you probably won’t believe until you cave in and buy one: It is 100 percent OK to own a vibrator. Even though it is 2015 and we are all adults, some people — women and men alike — still find this concept really taboo. Your boyfriend is plastic and purple? Who cares! Figuring out what you like sexually isn’t something anyone should feel ashamed about.

And who can feel shameful when there are so many options to choose from. There’s the standard dildo, vibrators, rabbit vibrators, bullets, wands… The list literally goes on and on. Half of the things listed come in a waterproof option as well, so the possibilities are actually endless here.

Guys, don’t think girls get to have all the fun; there are sex toys made for you, too. Men have the options of strokers, pumps and anal toys. Again, like I told the ladies, there’s absolutely no shame in owning a sex toy. This is the one time it’s perfectly acceptable for things to be all about you. Who is anyone else to judge?

If you’re considering buying yourself a sex toy and don’t know where to go, there are lots of options. With the wonderful invention of the Internet, buying adult toys is simpler and more discrete than ever. Stores like Spencer’s have sections on their websites dedicated to such things. Also the popularity of Pure Romance parties makes it easy to buy sex toys, too. Those invited to these parties have the opportunity to buy whatever he/she pleases with a group of friends, like a Tupperware party, if you will.

Or, if you’re really open to the idea of going to a store and don’t want to wander in your local sex shop, Target recently revealed it will start selling adult toys. Look out, world.

However, with great joy comes great responsibility. To get the best and safest experience out of your adult toy, be sure to read the directions that come in the package. Some toys can be used internally and externally, while some are strictly for external use.

Also, to keep yourself as healthy as possible, make sure to buy a special disinfectant wash to regularly clean your toy. Built up bacteria can be harmful to you, result in infections and other gross things like that.

In the end, when it comes to pleasure, it’s all up to what you like. And if you haven’t exactly figured that out yet, the sex toy industry is here to help.

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