KSUBuzz Editor’s Picks: Out on the Town

Warner Bros. poster for “American Sniper”

Lily Martis

Take a peek at our recommendations for this week’s pop culture trends.

Movie to watch:

‘American Sniper’

“American Sniper” was released this past weekend and received phenomenal reviews by critics and moviegoers alike. Burly, bearded Bradley Cooper stars as Chris Kyle, the deadliest marksman in U.S. history. Based on Kyle’s autobiography of the same title, this war drama film follows the Navy SEAL sniper on and off the battlefield. Saving countless lives in Iraq, Kyle becomes legendary and returns home to his wife and kids after four tours of duty. Kyle’s only problem: He can’t seem to leave the war behind him.

(Go to the University Plaza Theater on a Monday night and see “American Sniper” for $5.)


App to download: 

Designated Dialer

Designated Dialer prevents you from making all of those embarrassing, booze-induced calls and text messages that you end up regretting the next morning. It works by blocking contacts in your address book that you specify — just try not to make a fool of yourself to the rest of them. The blocked numbers are replaced with a toll-free, motivational hotline, so no more waking up next to 10s who turned into 2s thinking “Oh god, what have I done?!” Set a time to automatically unlock your contact list, or play its coordination game until you’ve sobered up a bit. Created for iPhones by Phase2 Media, this app costs $0.99 and is worth every penny.